Journeying in Search of More

My hands may always want to grasp, but someday they will collapse inward on themselves.

From cradle to grave, we exist between these two modes that we romanticize into eventual somedays, in which we will finally find rest and stay, or at least that is what we pray.

What a feat it is to hold back the tick of the clock. How much energy we can waste chasing mirages and boxing against the shadows of different versions of ourselves, those that have passed and those that shall, too, come to pass.

Fret not over the worries of traditional education, for the sun will always preside over every lesson of life; no one exists who is spared from some kind of strife, a necessary condition of life. For if life were too bright, then wouldn’t we confuse it with some conception of paradise or the afterlife?

A natural oscillation is present within the resting state of uncertainty since it is like Schrödinger’s cat, and it cannot make up its mind. And, strictly speaking linguistically, the word uncertainty can never change. It is destined to vacillate between to and fro. But, between what? Who truly knows…

What is it that we can place on each side of the scale, and who knows what the result will manifest in until it is tried and there is something that prevails? The permutations and combinations of life are staggering. The ceaseless flowing of the river is not as bothersome as the unreadable patterns that rest upon its surface in the form of turbulence. The erratic yet rhythmic and coordinated motions of the water both baffle and delight, and to those with some degree of might,  the ponderance of its nature may result in insight. That is a discovery in the darkness that removes a plot of the shadows that encapsulates the unknown.

While one’s personal insights will vary, the subject matter being pondered over and imaginally examined will continue to reveal truths consistent with its nature and being, which of course, lands us in a paradox because the water’s simultaneous ability to be both chaotic and ordered in its motion is the precise reason it causes the eyes to squint and mind to wonder.

There always will be tensions when referring to the givens of life; thus, expect to encounter them each day; there will always be uncertainty about what will happen in a given day, so accept that there is only so much in your control; there will always be paradoxes that are indeed unsolvable, so attempt them if you must, but refrain if they cause you unrest; there will always be the changing flow of the river of time, so keep trekking along and be grateful for how far you have already come and that there is more left to run.  

The title of this poem was used to create the above image using NightCafe Creator, an AI art generator. You can view more of my collection here.

One thought on “Journeying in Search of More

  1. Beyond brilliant and truly inspired!! So incredibly insightful and deeply profound … you gave “voice” to the troubling complexities and difficulties inherent in the human experience … as well as encouragement on how to overcome them. Thank you for sharing!

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