In Between Passages

I used to be so bold and brave and hubris in heart – what has taken these from me?

I used to dream of striving ahead – now, I am aware and have begun to prepare to meet the dead.

Where can I find solace in my head – should I look elsewhere, like my legs?

Even still, there is nowhere I find untarnished – persistent wounds that won’t heal, at least, they allow me to feel, and demand acknowledgment that they are real.

I used to be a skeptic with a fire for debate – when did that begin to abate; maybe when I found a mate? The persistent thought returns to nag at my soul, asking, “Is it too late?”

Has the wind left my sails or at least begun to lessen? Let’s say it is so, don’t you reckon another test will soon begin? I think within the new test has already begun – what is it then?

Learning to notice the setting of the sun and awaiting a new dawn;

Allowing my eyes to shut and hands not lust while I shift from twilight to dusk;

Freely embracing the nightly descent into the terrain of the depths;

Arising to pay homage to these nightly discoveries as a real part of me and of my reality;

Patiently moving in a forward motion, day after day, wave after wave, continuing to seek those moments of divine Light that blesseth my eyes, even if the experience be slight with long droughts in between sights –

For this I shall fight, with it I shall have might, and through it wield the sword to discern dark from Light.

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