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‘A Two Sided Truth’ was awarded Honorable Mention in both the New England and the London Book Festivals.

The London Book Festival is an annual competition honoring the best in international publishing. The New England Book Festival celebrates the best books of the holiday season.

In today’s world, there is an emphasis put on differences. It has reached the point that the phrase ‘universally shared experience’ sounds like an oxymoron. But truthfully, there are many experiences and qualities common among humans, namely our ability to create: both abstractly through symbolic language, and concretely through the dexterity of our hands and fingers.

In ‘A Two Sided Truth’, a young college student exercises his ability of creative expression to produce a poetic perspective of the modern day world. He addresses the broad themes of life such as nature and self, as well as more novel ideals such as being a youth in today’s society.

Ultimately, his quest is to uncover truth. But this noble endeavor lands him in an unknown place where truth isn’t singular. His writings attempt to define the elusive two sides of “truth”.