The Rose Warrior: Accidents & Warfare

After King Ferna discovered the Aurora plane through his crystal, he soon used it to control and manipulate our people. At first, we had no idea why all the sudden people were converting and fighting against their own side.

Now, this was when the war was still physical, but the Aurora plane had just been discovered, so their treason resulted in the converted individuals killing their own brothers and sisters.

It wasn’t until we, too, discovered the Aurora plane that we could fight back. Of course, this counterattack was on the Aurora plane not the physical one. So, it was with our discovery of the Aurora plane that ended the war in the physical war entirely.

We discovered it…well…by accident — and a stupid one at that. We have a plant called Cawaa, it’s a rare delicacy, but it also looks extremely similar to another plant called Roodio, which is very toxic. Most people get very ill if ingested Roodio and most people only ingest it by accidentally mistaking it for Cawaa. Some have become so sick they have even died!

But there was one person who mixed the two plants up and had an eye opening experience. He was hallucinating and delirious, but maintained enough control over his consciousness to be able to see in the Aurora plane, which had always existed but was never seen from the physical plane (with the exception of Ferna and the crystal allowing him sight).

He lived to tell his tale. The next day after the experience he regained his normal faculties and told the other Natives about his experience and also that he had seen the source of darkness which we assumed Tao. He said it was a force with an immense power for persuasion and had been hacking our people’s consciousnesses to do his bidding.

The Rose Warrior: The Aurora Plane

He felt himself fly from his body, which was accompanied by a loud popping sound. This is what is known as the plunge. He looked back and saw his body still there on his bed. It felt as if he was gazing upon a longtime friend.

He then realized his current self was something like a hologram. It had the basic outline of his body, but was almost entirely transparent and malleable ( He didn’t know it at the time, but later we discovered the substance of the body was vaporized liquid energy). Imagine the nervous system and the light circulating through that system in the form of electricity. This is similar to the form he took and the form he could see in others.

Except, there were no constraints to where he could go, so he began to wander. Soon, he discovered great the circulating beams of light I previously mentioned. They were like bright rivers of energy circulating under the human body.

At first, he thought them to just be light, but quickly realized he was seeing the behind the scenes of a person. He flew closer and realized they were being emitted off of real life people. He could see them through to the inside and also their fully formed exterior. He saw their skin and the brilliant light of the energy that surged through their body as electricity. He continued to move around and discovered the most concentrated currents of energy from those from people on the battlefield. Closely examining the circulating rivers of light energy, he stumbled upon something intriguing: the currents of energy all circulated to the brain where there was aura shrouding their head, similar to that of a halo, but more of a gaseous cloud full of vibrant colors.

On close examination, he discovered this was the aura of thought and each flash of color was some different concept racing in their head. The most significant discovery was from the thought aura. He noticed there was a division; there was a plane that was perfectly horizontal dividing the cloud into two distinct areas (the conscious and unconscious). Each area portrayed colors in a different manner than the other. For example, the top half was constantly firing off colors and fluctuating from thought to thought, but the bottom layer remained much more stagnant. It would usually hold a single color, representing a single thought or emotion, and then gradually shift to another. However, sometimes there were two or even three colors represented in this lower half, but they never acted erratically, they slowly faded in and slowly faded out of existence. At first, he was baffled about this duality and the overall nature of the colors and more generally, the aurora plane as a whole, but his unwavering faith had paid off and he had unlocked the secret behind the violet crystal. And through it, he had discovered an unseen world that is happening behind the scenes of the everyday world. He was ecstatic and only wanted to learn more but before he could do so, he went to go check on his physical self, which was still lying in bed.

He noticed his physical body looked as if it would soon wake up, but he did not know how to go back into his physical self. Finally, he thought back on how he came to be in his current state and realized if the stone had the power to pluck him from his body, then it must have the power to embody him once more. But, alas, the stone was still being clasped by his physical self. He didn’t know what to do, but he did the only thing he could think to do…think. He thought of the stone. He focused on the stone and the stone began to resonant with this energy that he was transmitting. Eventually, the energy from his intentionality was enough to capture himself  back into his physical self and he woke up with his mouth agape, mystified from what he had experienced.

The Rose Warrior: The Prince

The prince, Ferna, sent his explorers and warriors to explore the planet. That is when they discovered us and the continent Mu for the first time; it was under the rule of Ferna. Merely years later is when the inevitable war would begin.

All while the world’s war raged on, the commander Ferna stayed at home, usually in isolation, playing with his father’s crystal. He was trying anything and everything to find that the power was real, that at least some part of his father’s legacy was true, and that it wasn’t all just a hoax that he had naively believed.

The skin on his hands were supposedly extremely calloused from constantly caressing the rough edges of the stone. Such hands were usually only found on laborers, never a king. But his obsession with uncovering the stone’s truth had made him a laborer, a slave to the stone.

He tried a myriad of words and phrases desperately hoping to unlock the rocks hidden potential. But for years it remained solely a beautiful rock and for years men and women died fighting on his behalf in a war that he paid no attention to.

They were slain trying to conquer my people and force-feed their ideology, but we would not be quieted and we constantly searched for new ways of war but it was ultimately Ferna to would meek this revolutionary discovery, not my people.

King Ferna was never seen without the crystal in his possession. The only time he and the stone were apart was when he would retire for slumber in the king’s chambers. He would place the stone in vault under his bed so that no one could steal it without waking him up.

However, on one night his routine of taking the stone from his neck and placing it in the vault was interrupted. He had received news that his son, the heir to his thrown, had been killed that day in battle. He was beside himself. He felt like he was a failure at being a father. But he refused to be a failure as a king as well. He laid his head on his pillow that night the same as he did every other night, but this time the stone still lay draped around his neck.

This is when the Aurora plane was discovered.

The Rose Warrior: A Brief History of Time

It all started with light, or should I say a debate regarding light, darkness and the origins of the universe. War is a result of differences and perpetual war is result of fundamental differences.

They seek to destroy anything that is not them and take from us, while we seek to create and bestow knowledge onto them.

But it is our knowledge that they hate and abhor and could not disagree with any more than they already do. It is at the core of their being.

You see, the Foreigners view darkness as the ultimate canvas from which everything physical manifested; consequently, they live solely by moonlight and rejoice when there is a new moon and are repulsed by the full one.

They believe in order to create, there must first exist darkness. This is in direct opposition to the ideology of us, the Natives: we believe it was light that came first and darkness exists solely as light’s absence; therefore, all creation is a product of light and darkness is a pesky annoyance…so, we live during the daytime. We adore the Sun and the Moon and despise absolute darkness.
Of course, these differences would not have been a problem if they hadn’t found us.  We live on the continent of Mu, while they continent Taya. We each lived in isolation of one another for centuries (or some vast amount of time that truly cannot be quantified or conceptualized).

Truthfully, what does stand out is the first contact. This event marked the divide and split our concept of time in two: the before contact (BC) and the after contract (AC).

Because of how strong our differences were, it did not take long before war was brought to our society and perpetual war is where we remained; that is, until the new era which I currently reside: the age of Rose.