I have never done anything that is entirely my own. This sounds absurd, right?

But, let me ask, that breath you just took…is that you?

Did you breathe in you?

That makes no sense.

Well, if I don’t breathe, I die. But, if what I breathe comes from something that is not me, then I am not living alone.

I never have been.

I did not ask to come into being. Something, whether it be God, chance, science or just simply my mother created me. I did not give life to myself.

Therefore, you can never claim absolute dependence. ‘Something’ caused you, because the idea of you causing you is preposterous.

Internal Polarity

I live in a fight between my rationality and my emotionality.

My rationality knows quite well that these next two months are quite necessary not only for the development of our relationship, but also for further discovery of our own selves.

I know this time is necessary so that we do not rush through the initial stages of a relationship.

And the paradox is that by not rushing everything becomes more meaningful: I savor every minute I spend with her and my feelings are being opened to a whole new level of perceptional experience. But nevertheless, I want to rush!

This is where my emotionality comes into play. Though it is all well and good that this thing called “time” and this virtue called “patience” are necessary to derive the pleasurable feeling I feel when I am with her; I nonetheless wish I could spend every moment with her, right now.

I know that isn’t the right answer, nor does it have a remote possibility of happening. But I cannot quell these feelings. They feel just as true as my rationality.

But in the end what I need is balance accompanied by patience. I do need to see her, and in time the duration of our time spent together will too expand. Yet, I also need to live this chapter in my life for the chapter that it is. For after all, this point in my life cannot be anything other than what it is.

The scene is set and the characters in motion. I relinquish control and simply play my part. The next scene will arrive when and where it is meant to, but, until then, it  is necessary to continue onward.

The Beginning

It had only been about 4 hours since last seeing her that the freshly imprinted memory of her lips embracing his came rushing back into his mind; he could still feel the experience, yet had difficulty putting it into words. Her lips were soft yet structured and her movements deliberate and precise. Yet, at other times her lips dangled agape tantalizing him further. He missed no opportunity to show his affection. He could not resist the passion that drove him to action. It was something intangible about her, some deep source that resonated with him causing him to be unable to resist.

He was enchanted by her beauty, but not merely physically. Though her supple, elegant, brown eyes did captivate his attention, it was the radiance and complexity of her personality that truly distracted him. He would become so immersed in trying to assign some label to her, not for the purpose of merely categorization, but for ingenuous understanding on his part. He genuinely was dumbfounded by her and his intrigue was something of whimsical curiosity rather than something more serious in nature. The novelty that was her provided him with the greatest enigma of his life – one that he recognized would remain an enigma for the rest of his life. He fully knew this point; moreover, he even understood that the mystery of her being would deepen and expand further the more he got to know her. Regardless, the insurmountable task did not deter him, but rather excite him. She motivated him to inquire into his own self further.

A Two Sided Truth

‘A Two Sided Truth’ was awarded Honorable Mention in both the New England and the London Book Festivals.

The London Book Festival is an annual competition honoring the best in international publishing. The New England Book Festival celebrates the best books of the holiday season.

In today’s world, there is an emphasis put on differences. It has reached the point that the phrase ‘universally shared experience’ sounds like an oxymoron. But truthfully, there are many experiences and qualities common among humans, namely our ability to create: both abstractly through symbolic language, and concretely through the dexterity of our hands and fingers.

In ‘A Two Sided Truth’, a young college graduate exercises his ability of creative expression to produce a poetic perspective of the modern day world. He addresses the broad themes of life such as nature and self, as well as more novel ideals such as being a youth in today’s society.

Ultimately, his quest is to uncover truth. But this noble endeavor lands him in an unknown place where truth isn’t singular. His writings attempt to define the elusive two sides of “truth”.

Starting December 19, my book “A Two Sided Truth” will be available on Amazon for free kindle download!

The Unification of the Human Race

It was like being forcibly pulled, suddenly, into a deep, foreign sleep.

This is the best my words can do at imagining or contemplating the idea of death. Death, the event when whatever this thing called “I” that possesses this “consciousness” departs my “body.” The reason all of these words deserve quotes are because they are all things I learned at one time or another.

I was not always an “I.” Sometime I existed before in a world that did not yet have names. There were no labels and there were no distinctions between myself and the outside world.

Of course, I am talking about a point long ago in our origin story, somewhere in the early infancy stage.

At some critical point of the past I became and “I” and from there forward, “I” has always been assigned and been being assigned labels. This, furthering the divide between what is inside and outside of me.

From this point forward, we eventually learned something: we could do things that served “I” and it was pleasurable, so much so that we may eventually decide to serve the “I,” even if serving it comes at the expense of other people, other beings outside yourself; other “I’s.”

The true trick is to never forget where we come from. We should look out at other’s interests as our own. We should seek find harmony. My service to others should provide a greater sense of pleasure than the service to solely those actions and behaviors that only are used to benefit my behalf.

Furthermore, we should seek to bridge the gaps we have between ourselves and other humans. The divisions we have created; the variations that make us beautiful as a species are the same thing that can be used to tear us apart. The adage “divide and conquer” comes to mind.

This is why this years policitcal campaign has been  so succesful at capturing our attention; it has been appealing to people’s deepest emotions on which ever party you align yourself with.

The variations within the Human race are precisely what makes us, and life, so interesting — because of all the forms, expressions and perceptions of being a Human, but more broadly, being alive.

We forget sometimes that we are alive and how much there is that falls under and has been assigned to the label of “life.” It is beautiful and it is what we should be focused upon.

Instead, of focusing on unifying the Democratic and Republican parties, we should be focused on uniting the Human party because, after all, when you strip away all the words and personal individual biases, what we are left with, is that we are human. We can all share in that and, furthermore, we can expound upon it by exploring this broader domain in which we reside under and that is life itself.