A Prayer of Communion

Jesus of Nazareth
Christ our Lord
Hallowed by thy name
“I am the Way,
The Truth
And the Life.”
The Way
He who is the Gate
Through which to enter
“Flesh and blood will not inherit God’s Kingdom,”
Only through the flesh and blood of Christ
May one pass through the Door.
“One who does not eat my flesh and drink my blood does not have life within.”
So, eat this for it is the flesh and Word of life.
And, drink this for it is the blood and Spirit of life.
No one can meet the King while naked
But only through the flesh and blood of the Son of Man
Are we clothed

God Is Everywhere

I am a node in a sea of God.
God flows around me
And I float in Him.
The flow of God pulses through me;
And I do with it what I please.
But I do not control the flow.
I am a subject of God
To help manifest awareness of our utter dependence on God.
God is the intangible connection which binds us all.
God is the source of life that springs from within.
It is our job to bring forth Life to this life.
It is our job to become aware of our inseparable connection to God.

You Are


It’s all about you.

When I think of you,

I think of Love.

You are the realest love I have ever known:

You are patient.

You are kind.

You are enduring.

You are a flame unwavering.

I am here;

And you there.

But our love,

I feel it everywhere.

You are my light.

You are my hope.

You are my future.

But above all,

You are whom I love.

Now and Forever.


Without Fear

I am focused on you.

I think for what I want and it comes back to you.

You have rescued me

Brought me back from ignorance.

You have taken me away and bestowed me knowledge.

You have bestowed me knowledge in the form of love.

Now I can truly live.

Life beyond mere material existence,

For that is death.

Death is life without life;

And life is life without death.

For the living focused on death,

Are already dead;

But the living focused on life,

Are those that are truly alive.

Those that know true life will not taste death.

Those that know death will not be open to the taste of life.


I have never done anything that is entirely my own. This sounds absurd, right?

But, let me ask, that breath you just took…is that you?

Did you breathe in you?

That makes no sense.

Well, if I don’t breathe, I die. But, if what I breathe comes from something that is not me, then I am not living alone.

I never have been.

I did not ask to come into being. Something, whether it be God, chance, science or just simply my mother created me. I did not give life to myself.

Therefore, you can never claim absolute dependence. ‘Something’ caused you, because the idea of you causing you is preposterous.