Tides of Time

Assign me my fate, and I won’t hesitate.

Pause for a moment and do a brief retake.

Distort the original, and the copies die at a slow rate.

Line me up at the starting line, and I will run the race.

Start me in the blocks, and I will write the page.

Transmute me into gold, and I will acknowledge I’m growing old.

Lace after lace,

Pace after pace,

Race after race,

Life demands all sorts of repetitive tasks.

Each repetition another tick forward to a moment that won’t last.

And, once again, we are asked:

For what do we strive?

In what do we ground our pride?

And how are we to live our lives?


The above image was created using NightCafe Creator, an AI art generator. You can view more of my collection here.

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