Forgetting Freedom

We are bound by and enslaved to the societal doctrines, dogmas and institutions that constitute the context of our lives. We the people are at the whim of our government and freedom is a personal liberty that only has merit within the limitations imposed by those in power.

Information is scrubbed, redacted and processed, forming minds that help to continue the status quo – or make slight alterations that make people feel they are moving forward. Instead, we are mistaking motion for progress. We are merely tipping the scale towards a side. Change gives the illusion of progress. We feel that we are moving linearly, when we are in fact moving, at best, in a see-saw motion, and, at worst, a circular one.

People will never be entirely free so long as we keep believing in our freedom without ever examining the restrictions to it. And, until we rise to this reality, we will continue to fight one another on issue after issue perpetuating hatred and a societal ‘us-them’ mindset; thus, continuing a cycle of vengeance that feeds the egoic mind and continues us to further entrap ourselves into this world run on binary code and dualism.

Individual’s can find their way out from the imposed constraints of society, and that certainly is laudable. But, that is not where it should end. We should not stop because we ourselves feel that we understand the invisible hand pulling the strings of society, or be anesthetized by relativistic thinking, comparing ourselves to those of the past or those still disenfranchised today.

If we the people feel that our right to freedom has been, is, or will be infringed upon, it is our right as citizens of a nation that is founded on freedom to utilize that tool and examine the components that comprise the system that provide the infrastructure of our lives. We should examine what purpose they serve and what beliefs they are founded upon.

Freedom shouldn’t be some stale assumed quality that we believe we possess, but rather a tool that allows the masses to prune government to better serve them – the people. This does not simply mean voting. Freedom is not something that should be limited to a single idea or action no matter how significant. Freedom is, by its very nature, without limits. Freedom needs to be an integral tool that is engaged in all the aspects of our lives: Our speech, our writings, our schools, our churches, our workplace, and, most importantly, our minds.


“What You Resist Persists”

Today’s social and political climate is polarizing. It is times like these that we need to remember what we are fighting for.

A cause may start as a righteous one, but it quickly descends into treachery the moment the fight itself becomes pleasurable: when we derive joy from the suffering of others, even those most heinous; we have lost the way.

It is easy to loathe and idea, a cause, or someone that embodies them; but, if we fine tune our focus on the feelings of hatred, then our minds are shifted from the change that we want to bring and consumed by the flames of hatred that we are fueling within ourselves.

Remember that any battle should not be about the battle nor the opponent; it is about the outcome. And if the desired outcome be peace, then it cannot be manifested by those who are consumed by even a seemingly “righteous” hate.

Resistance is necessary. Enjoyment is not. The eye’s gaze should never  leave the vision of beauty. If you are consumed by your enemy, you will never win. If you are consumed by your vision, you cannot lose.


The Unification of the Human Race

It was like being forcibly pulled, suddenly, into a deep, foreign sleep.

This is the best my words can do at imagining or contemplating the idea of death. Death, the event when whatever this thing called “I” that possesses this “consciousness” departs my “body.” The reason all of these words deserve quotes are because they are all things I learned at one time or another.

I was not always an “I.” Sometime I existed before in a world that did not yet have names. There were no labels and there were no distinctions between myself and the outside world.

Of course, I am talking about a point long ago in our origin story, somewhere in the early infancy stage.

At some critical point of the past I became and “I” and from there forward, “I” has always been assigned and been being assigned labels. This, furthering the divide between what is inside and outside of me.

From this point forward, we eventually learned something: we could do things that served “I” and it was pleasurable, so much so that we may eventually decide to serve the “I,” even if serving it comes at the expense of other people, other beings outside yourself; other “I’s.”

The true trick is to never forget where we come from. We should look out at other’s interests as our own. We should seek find harmony. My service to others should provide a greater sense of pleasure than the service to solely those actions and behaviors that only are used to benefit my behalf.

Furthermore, we should seek to bridge the gaps we have between ourselves and other humans. The divisions we have created; the variations that make us beautiful as a species are the same thing that can be used to tear us apart. The adage “divide and conquer” comes to mind.

This is why this years policitcal campaign has been  so succesful at capturing our attention; it has been appealing to people’s deepest emotions on which ever party you align yourself with.

The variations within the Human race are precisely what makes us, and life, so interesting — because of all the forms, expressions and perceptions of being a Human, but more broadly, being alive.

We forget sometimes that we are alive and how much there is that falls under and has been assigned to the label of “life.” It is beautiful and it is what we should be focused upon.

Instead, of focusing on unifying the Democratic and Republican parties, we should be focused on uniting the Human party because, after all, when you strip away all the words and personal individual biases, what we are left with, is that we are human. We can all share in that and, furthermore, we can expound upon it by exploring this broader domain in which we reside under and that is life itself.



Critical Thinking on Sustaining Power

“The best way to control people is to make it so subtle they know not they are being controlled. Allow some freedoms so they do not question but retard the true potential possessed in the human.”

It would be much easier to rule if simply all accepted to be ruled, but for the masses to accept a ruling agenda, it must sound like it will benefit them. If one rules by force, there will always be some factions that conspires to use force against them; and, one day, they will overthrow them because of the difference in numbers between the ruling and the ruled. But if you rule by benevolence, perceived or authentic, you limit those conspirators to nil or few; the few would be shunned by the masses as outliers and not allowed to influence the other group members that make up the whole.

The ‘Great’ Society

I feel powerless against the current. The society and culture I live is suffocating – but it appears to be only suffocating me. Others, appear to be gorging themselves in the material surplus and our gradual decline towards replacing reality with a virtual one.

I hear a few other voices out there preaching words that resonant with me. But their reach seems to reach few; and they too are mocked for being crazy or conspiratorial.
But what if it’s true:
The best kind of marketing is that which you don’t feel is marketing.
The best kind of tyranny is the tyranny that doesn’t feel like tyranny.
It may seem contradictory but what is a tyrant?
One that rules absolutely…sometimes through oppressive means.
But what are oppressive means?
When we think of oppression, we think of physical violence, but can’t you also be psychological oppressed?
It’s weird that we live in an age where information is abundant. But discovering something that you can be confident is true is truly hard, while wisdom seems to be something reserved for those crazy hippies and the Dalai Lama.
I guess I’m just ranting again, but I’m just afraid. I’m afraid that the farther I branch out from the norm or status quo, the more I’ll reject that lifestyle…that may already be happening. I guess, moreover, I’m afraid that when it comes down to it, I reject that way of life – but I presume they would reject mine as well. And they are the majority; and I, the lowly withering minority.
I just don’t want it to wither until it is only my voice and my mind that sees these trends. Because then I’ll surely be labeled as crazy and locked up and the game will be complete:
No free will for any players but complete feelings of autonomy.

The Invisible Hand of Politics

“All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu

The world reserve currency (or anchor currency) is a big deal in international transactions. It is common in these sorts of transactions and serves as a foreign exchange reserve for countries of the world. Since World War II, the US dollar has been the primary world reserve currency. Currently, the US dollar comprises 64% of the world reserve currency. That is a large percentage and gives a lot of value to the US dollar as the currency used in international business and financial transactions.

Other world reserve currencies include the Euro, which comprises 20% and a handful of other currencies such as the Japanese yen, German mark, French and Swiss Franc, Pound Sterling, Australian and Canadian dollar, which make up the remaining percent.

However, the US dollar has special privileges because of its dominant usage worldwide. One of these privileges is that the United States can run higher trade deficits while postponing economic crisis. An example of this is the 1.4 trillion and 1.3 trillion debt we have to China and Japan, respectively. Still, most banks worldwide and private banks back their loans with the US dollar because of how dominant it is as a reserve currency and how stable it has been.

But, not everyone is happy about the current economic system that we live in. China has become the second largest world economy behind the United States and they know how to execute economic warfare.

Out of the list of world reserve currency holders, all are the United State’s allies and, moreover, key economic trading partners like Japan. But this is going to change on October 1, 2016. The Chinese Yuan will go into effect as a world reserve currency comprising 11%. This is a big deal because it is a crack in the current economic paradigm that we have been living in. China is making great economic strides to circumventing the United States,the IMF (international monetary fund and the world bank.

Earlier this year on January 16, 2016, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank or AIIB opened its doors. This bank has its headquarters in Beijing and currently has about half the money of the world bank. Though the United States lobbied arduously to prevent key allies like Australia and the United Kingdom from joining this bank. . . they did so anyway.

The bank now has 37 total remembers including many key countries the United States needs to continue using the US dollar. Germany, France, Brazil, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, South Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, and Turkey are some of the interesting members to this new bank and that will have some effect on the global economy one way or another.

Notably though, the United States, Canada and Japan have not joined as members.

We live in a confusing and tumultuous time in regards to American politics. But, ultimately, money is the real war and this economic warfare between the east (China and Russia) challenging the US and the US dollar’s dominance is the true battle our generation will have to face sooner or later.

If I were a King?

When I think of being a king, I think of ruling.

But that is where I have made my first mistake.

A king should not rule.

In actuality, if I were asked to make my first rule. I would automatically say, “that there are no rules.”

If this is the case, then nothing and no limitations can be put on anything after the fact because it would violate the first rule of no rules.

And what is something that has no limitations or restraints?

That is freedom and by definition it can have neither because if it does then it would not be free.