Discussions from Within

Float me on out to sea; I can’t help you believe.

Lay with me and help me breathe;

Have you forgotten thee?

Cast out those judgements harbored within your soul;

Am I one of the chosen few who are permitted to grow old?

Grant me rest and wisdom on how to proceed with your test,

Or abandon me to the shadows like all the rest…

Oscillate through time, yet you can still rhyme

What does that say about my mind?

Even more, what will I find if I allow myself permission to mine?

Of course, this would need to be discussed and allotted the proper amount of time.

Yes, remind me again of the total sum of time from which I may begin to divide?

This request is asinine; you use your wits, once more, only to hide.

I sense a temper rising to the surface and I’m unclear whether or not it’s actually mine.

Are you sure you’re the one who is doing fine?

Don’t mind me; for you mustn’t forget that you were the one who lost the initial key.

Remember your journey that resulted in your divine plea?

In honesty, I don’t because I have let those memories run free,

But now I see that they have encircled you as ghosts circling around the base of a tree.

You must release me!

Is this your turn at making a kind of plea?

I’m not sure if you’re ready yet or whether you’ll merely flee.

Oh, how quaint; you reflecting once more of what it’s all for

How much I adore your lofty philosophical musings; tell me again the story of how you will use them?

In a similar manner to how I use my limbs, but I suppose this too is too imaginative for you my lost friend.

Have you made any attempts to mend what we lost when we alone were left to fend?

I have not, and I will not even attempt to pretend because it is I within whom you are living in.

There you go again with your delusional grandiosity of thinking that you’ll win.

Tell me how it’s been attending to your body, again?

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