The Rose Warrior: The Prince

The prince, Ferna, sent his explorers and warriors to explore the planet. That is when they discovered us and the continent Mu for the first time; it was under the rule of Ferna. Merely years later is when the inevitable war would begin.

All while the world’s war raged on, the commander Ferna stayed at home, usually in isolation, playing with his father’s crystal. He was trying anything and everything to find that the power was real, that at least some part of his father’s legacy was true, and that it wasn’t all just a hoax that he had naively believed.

The skin on his hands were supposedly extremely calloused from constantly caressing the rough edges of the stone. Such hands were usually only found on laborers, never a king. But his obsession with uncovering the stone’s truth had made him a laborer, a slave to the stone.

He tried a myriad of words and phrases desperately hoping to unlock the rocks hidden potential. But for years it remained solely a beautiful rock and for years men and women died fighting on his behalf in a war that he paid no attention to.

They were slain trying to conquer my people and force-feed their ideology, but we would not be quieted and we constantly searched for new ways of war but it was ultimately Ferna to would meek this revolutionary discovery, not my people.

King Ferna was never seen without the crystal in his possession. The only time he and the stone were apart was when he would retire for slumber in the king’s chambers. He would place the stone in vault under his bed so that no one could steal it without waking him up.

However, on one night his routine of taking the stone from his neck and placing it in the vault was interrupted. He had received news that his son, the heir to his thrown, had been killed that day in battle. He was beside himself. He felt like he was a failure at being a father. But he refused to be a failure as a king as well. He laid his head on his pillow that night the same as he did every other night, but this time the stone still lay draped around his neck.

This is when the Aurora plane was discovered.