An All Too Familiar Feeling

Patient: It’s this feeling I get – it’s been getting stronger. It isn’t fear, worry, dread, paranoia, or anything of the kind; I’ve been there, and I know the difference. I’m not proclaiming to know the answers to the who, what, when and how, but I can’t deny the feeling.

It’s a strange, but familiar feeling. Each day it feels I am slowly remembering more and more. It is like a game between my conscious and unconscious. The conscious views and lives in the manifested reality, and the unconscious subtly and nonverbally tries to reveal my true destiny – the destiny I’ve known for myself all along but have long since forgotten.

Doctor: But feelings aren’t going to land you a job. They aren’t going to pay the rent and put food on the table. You have to take action and pursue something.

Patient: Taking action towards something that is wrong is not the right course of action; in fact, no action would be better than taking the wrong action. Additionally, feelings may not ‘land you a job’ but I am not alive to have a job, as well as I may be inventive enough where I won’t be landing the job, but rather creating one. Do not limit me by the status quo – that is no way to live. I refuse to live for society, and if I can’t trust myself and my the faith I have in my feelings and in myself and in my intuition, then what can I trust? Furthermore, what good would I be to an employer if I lacked any grain of self-confidence?

‘Crazy’ people did crazy things that shocked the world because they were not afraid to be different – actually, fear had nothing to do with the equation for their success – they simply couldn’t not follow their passion because passion and dreams are what life is about; and I refuse to be told otherwise. I will not go sit in my cubicle from 8-5 Monday-Friday because that is what society expects of me.

Sure, it may mean my life will be limited to some extents because of course money is necessary for most things. But, I don’t need it to think, and I sure don’t need it to dream.

Doctor: So, what you’re saying is you are going to be the next Steve Jobs or Einstein? That certainly sounds like delusions of grandeur to me. Have you been taking your medications?

Patient: Yes, I take them every day, and, no, I’m not saying that because I want fame and/or fortune, I’m saying I want to do something and make something that I am proud of. But, yeah I bet Jobs and Einstein sounded delusional at points too. I’m sure people mocked them too. I’m not saying that since those things have been ascribed to me that it means I’ll change the world like they did, but what I am saying is if limit myself and you limit me by labeling these feelings and thoughts that are purely dreams and aspirations, then whatever potential I did have to be like them, is going to be wasted. And, the sad part is it won’t be because I didn’t have the skills, attributes, qualities or whatever, it will be because I didn’t believe in myself; it will be because I let other people dictate what I should and shouldn’t do, should and shouldn’t think and that will be the reason I fail.

The Invisible Hand of Politics

“All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu

The world reserve currency (or anchor currency) is a big deal in international transactions. It is common in these sorts of transactions and serves as a foreign exchange reserve for countries of the world. Since World War II, the US dollar has been the primary world reserve currency. Currently, the US dollar comprises 64% of the world reserve currency. That is a large percentage and gives a lot of value to the US dollar as the currency used in international business and financial transactions.

Other world reserve currencies include the Euro, which comprises 20% and a handful of other currencies such as the Japanese yen, German mark, French and Swiss Franc, Pound Sterling, Australian and Canadian dollar, which make up the remaining percent.

However, the US dollar has special privileges because of its dominant usage worldwide. One of these privileges is that the United States can run higher trade deficits while postponing economic crisis. An example of this is the 1.4 trillion and 1.3 trillion debt we have to China and Japan, respectively. Still, most banks worldwide and private banks back their loans with the US dollar because of how dominant it is as a reserve currency and how stable it has been.

But, not everyone is happy about the current economic system that we live in. China has become the second largest world economy behind the United States and they know how to execute economic warfare.

Out of the list of world reserve currency holders, all are the United State’s allies and, moreover, key economic trading partners like Japan. But this is going to change on October 1, 2016. The Chinese Yuan will go into effect as a world reserve currency comprising 11%. This is a big deal because it is a crack in the current economic paradigm that we have been living in. China is making great economic strides to circumventing the United States,the IMF (international monetary fund and the world bank.

Earlier this year on January 16, 2016, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank or AIIB opened its doors. This bank has its headquarters in Beijing and currently has about half the money of the world bank. Though the United States lobbied arduously to prevent key allies like Australia and the United Kingdom from joining this bank. . . they did so anyway.

The bank now has 37 total remembers including many key countries the United States needs to continue using the US dollar. Germany, France, Brazil, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, South Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, and Turkey are some of the interesting members to this new bank and that will have some effect on the global economy one way or another.

Notably though, the United States, Canada and Japan have not joined as members.

We live in a confusing and tumultuous time in regards to American politics. But, ultimately, money is the real war and this economic warfare between the east (China and Russia) challenging the US and the US dollar’s dominance is the true battle our generation will have to face sooner or later.

The Interest of Modern Day Physics

Some interesting take away points from the video below:

  1. The multiverse is in essence a series of geneses.
  2. The Universe is not made out of atoms as we previously thought, but rather made primarily of dark matter that is invisible.
  3. Dark matter is only known due to it’s gravitational effects.
  4. Black holes destroy matter and condense, while white holes emit matter and expand.


Coercion & Freedom

What truly is freedom and how important is it? I think many would say it is the most important thing. I am American and our whole country was founded on this belief.

But if it is the most important thing shouldn’t we keep striving for more?

Americans believe themselves to be free and they usually contrast this statement by comparing their lives to totalitarianism regimes. Yes, by contrast, we are most definitely free. But what if we compared our freedoms to utopia? I think then our ‘freedom’ would seem quite inferior.

We believe ourselves to be free; but are we actually?

If I spend my whole day watching Fox News and find myself voting more conservative, I will think I did so because of my own volition, but did I really? Or was I passively influenced?

Similarly, if I see 7 commercials for McDonald’s cheese sticks, and then, the next day get in my car when I am hungry and buy them; did I do that out of my own free will? Or was I coerced?

So, when we Americans think about life. When we think about happiness and when we think about our futures and goals, reflect on who told you those assumptions you are making. Because it is likely some ambiguous outside source we call the media or society.

Self-Reflections: Day 2

Today is a good day. I have lived many days and each possess their own stresses. But one thing is common among all stressors: they are perceived and processed within my mind alone. The stress is felt inside my body and doesn’t exist outside of me, externally in the outside world. Something is only stressful if it is perceived as stressful. Some might find stress everywhere by being aware of all the things that may go wrong. Others, may be blind to these hidden stressors and, consequently, feel no stress whatsoever. Much of stress is self-manufactured by worrying about “what if’s,”  but the solution is to focus on “what is.” What currently exists in our awareness is all we can truly be certain about. Also, the present is what we must go through to get to those someday “what if’s.” We can never escape the fact that we can only live on moment at a time and, within each moment, we can only live one thought at a time.

Self-Reflections: Day 1

Days are long. I spend a lot of time thinking and a lot of that time thinking is time ruminating. I always think about what could go wrong before thinking about what could go right. Some days are worse than others, but each day produces its own situations of worry. Most of the time the worrying is done before the event has even taken place, trying to predict every sort of outcome and possible consequence for each given behavior. This process is tiresome. It takes a lot of energy and attention to constantly be in my head and, consequently, it takes away from much of my daily experience. I spend less time enjoying the pleasures of the moment and more time away from the moment, trapped in my own internal mind deliberating upon likely trivial details of my daily existence.

No matter how aware I become of my own neuroticism, it doesn’t seem to go away. You can’t escape from your own head. Regardless if you travel, surround yourself with people, or distract yourself with things, you’re always peering through the same windows. The same mind watches from behind them. It is always active and always aware. It works constantly and finds more and more problems and flaws, as well as possible problems and possible flaws. Then, once again, you find yourself circulating the familiar cycle of analyzing and troubleshooting. For each hypothetical scenario there is a unique solution that needs to be found. And for each solution it needs to be thought about and mentally simulated.

It is a complete process and one that is constantly at work, for new problems are continually being born and brought into existence, only to disappear with the passage of time. What I angsted over last week is different then this one, but each issue felt just has urgent, just as pressing; each time feels new, but also very similar to the last and the time before that. There is no end solution that I see. The cycle continues and along with it so do I. I carry forward uncertain of my life events. I will always be uncertain because that’s the nature of the future; it is ambiguous. It is shrouded in mystery, yet I think I can know. I think I can infer or predict, or do something to give me true foresight. But, I can never attain it. I can never rest in the relaxing bliss of knowing the truth about the future, for there are always unknowns.

Those unknowns are what I search for; they are why I can’t rest. They are what I seek to eliminate and what I must face with each passing day.

The Rose Warrior: Aurora Warriors

The goal of the warriors was to prevent consciousness from being hacked. This  was the new form of warfare. Instead of killing each other, Ferna found that he could hack into the minds of our people while he was in the Aurora plane.

He presented ideas that were not their own, but rather ideas he conjured up. He tampered with their memories and dreams so that he was sure he would produce something the individual could not resist, and instead sympathize with. These false memories were in direct alignment with Ferna’s ideology and his doctrine of how the universe was and should continue to be; he saw no middle ground. He operated on an ‘all or nothing ‘principle: they were either with him or against him.

Since he had made the first move on the Aurora plane, we have forever been playing defense, more so than offense. Our warriors could only enter the field by placing themselves in these artificial pods where they were strapped down. The restraints were for their safety…well, and the others tasked on monitoring their vital signs.

You see, once strapped into the pod, they were injected with the poisonous dose of Roodio to help them ascend to the Aurora plane. Of course, the initial step was the plunge where they pop from their physical body into their vaporized energy form. Once this transition occurs, their physical body is left in a delirious and half dreamlike state. For all practical purposes, this means anything goes. Some Aurora Warriors are quiet peaceful and are like Ferna who seem as if they are merely sleeping. While others, behave as if they are acting out a night-terror, which can be dangerous.

If their physical body is injured or tampered with, it can affect how they are able to perform on the Aurora plane. And what that means is they might fall prey to Ferna, who is the tempter for all those on the Aurora plane. He is the master of the plane and he knows it better than anyone. Moreover, his sole goal is to convert others into his puppets. Everyone is at risk of being converted because he can come at any time, but those who are most susceptible are the Warriors who are also on the plane with him. Think of them as being naked and exposed for all that they are. All their secrets of self and past histories are open to Ferna, and he can use them in the most clever of ways to trick them into believing in him.

Of course, to become a Warrior, there is a rigorous training process and only a select few are even considered for The Aurora Battle Academy.