Session: 4

I was running into pure darkness – a palpable force, which resists against you. The darkness—an all encompassing pressure that is inescapable.

I awoke to a small room, but the dark gravity of my environment persisted. It’s presence emanated from the aberrant noises of passersby wandering the dimly lit city streets.

They were animals, ruled by base desires and blissfully ignorant of their true condition. And, like animals, they could turn at any moment. Suddenly, their unyielding blind passions and desires might be unleashed upon you; but, this usually required some sort of provocation. However, sometimes even small transgressions would be sufficient in triggering a hostile reaction. The only true requirement was the perception of a threat by the animal. When this occurred, the response was always defensive and hostile out of fear for self-preservation.

Session: 3

I vacillate between apathy and emotion like the seasons flux from winter to summer. When I feel, I feel. And, when I don’t, I don’t. Neither is truly painful or inherently distressing. The times of apathy simple give my emotions a context.

When you’re feeling apathetic, you see the world for what it truly is. You don’t sugar-coat the facts of the world to make existence easier. You see things from uncaring and impassive eyes that don’t even care enough to want to distort reality into your own liking. Apathy transcends like and dislike and leaves you in a place of isness. This is a place stripped away from labels and judgments of liking, loving, hating, wanting, craving none of these aspects play a role; their values are set at zero. Instead, you just observe the characteristics of whatever it is you are gazing upon or thinking about. You do so in a neutral manner because everything in life is devoid of feeling when truly consumed by apathy.

I do not know if I believe that apathy consumes you in the same way a fire would. It’s more that the apathy is always their and in the cold winter seasons of emotion numbness, it isn’t the apathy that takes over, but the disillusioned self and worldview that leaves.

Session: 2

Society filtered propaganda. I am being torn between polarities. Gravitating towards one end, intensifies the resistance of the opposing side; this forces my retreat toward moderation. Is it the voyage of a coward, or the journey of a hero? What is moderation when in terms of light and darkness, or good and evil? There is no place for these binary oppositions to have a place of refuge found in such a sanctuary as a place labeled “moderate.” Extremists take this maxim to the extreme and apply it in all circumstances. However, they do not know the maxim operates on an inverted principle.

Session: 1

I can think of all sorts of scenarios: good ones, bad ones, those that are different – but none of them have ever truly manifested. The imaginative plane never comes out exactly on the experiential plane. This discrepancy is what makes life interesting. No matter how well we can predict what will happen. The true depth of the actual sensory-perceived experience will never be the exact same as the mental construction.

We run these simulations all the time in our heads, playing out scenarios while implementing the most up to date knowledge and use of your current mental software to analyze and judge a scenario based on some specific criterion.

A Two Sided Truth

‘A Two Sided Truth’ was awarded Honorable Mention in both the New England and the London Book Festivals.

The London Book Festival is an annual competition honoring the best in international publishing. The New England Book Festival celebrates the best books of the holiday season.

In today’s world, there is an emphasis put on differences. It has reached the point that the phrase ‘universally shared experience’ sounds like an oxymoron. But truthfully, there are many experiences and qualities common among humans, namely our ability to create: both abstractly through symbolic language, and concretely through the dexterity of our hands and fingers.

In ‘A Two Sided Truth’, a young college graduate exercises his ability of creative expression to produce a poetic perspective of the modern day world. He addresses the broad themes of life such as nature and self, as well as more novel ideals such as being a youth in today’s society.

Ultimately, his quest is to uncover truth. But this noble endeavor lands him in an unknown place where truth isn’t singular. His writings attempt to define the elusive two sides of “truth”.

Starting December 19, my book “A Two Sided Truth” will be available on Amazon for free kindle download!