Smoke & Mirrors

Let the smoke fill the air.
Carry forth the pretense that we do not care.
Refrain from addressing the tensions inside.
In masked desperation – attempting to maintain our pride –
The world confronts us now with nothing to hide.
Our eyes look to the sky for a guide.

“Oh Lord, give us a sign!”
Is it finally the time –
Or, is this just another war over some pipeline?
Bombarded by constant headlines of calamity,
My only taste of serenity,
now comes from the breath I breathe.
After all, I am free;
And you, my God, have always been my destiny,
Regardless of the haze I see.


2 thoughts on “Smoke & Mirrors

  1. lauriew371

    This poem, “Smoke and Mirrors”, is poignant, timely, and spot on. You have managed to succinctly express and give clarity to my myriad of emotions and concerns about current events. Very insightful!

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