The Beginning

It had only been about 4 hours since last seeing her that the freshly imprinted memory of her lips embracing his came rushing back into his mind; he could still feel the experience, yet had difficulty putting it into words. Her lips were soft yet structured and her movements deliberate and precise. Yet, at other times her lips dangled agape tantalizing him further. He missed no opportunity to show his affection. He could not resist the passion that drove him to action. It was something intangible about her, some deep source that resonated with him causing him to be unable to resist.

He was enchanted by her beauty, but not merely physically. Though her supple, elegant, brown eyes did captivate his attention, it was the radiance and complexity of her personality that truly distracted him. He would become so immersed in trying to assign some label to her, not for the purpose of merely categorization, but for ingenuous understanding on his part. He genuinely was dumbfounded by her and his intrigue was something of whimsical curiosity rather than something more serious in nature. The novelty that was her provided him with the greatest enigma of his life – one that he recognized would remain an enigma for the rest of his life. He fully knew this point; moreover, he even understood that the mystery of her being would deepen and expand further the more he got to know her. Regardless, the insurmountable task did not deter him, but rather excite him. She motivated him to inquire into his own self further.

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