The ‘Great’ Society

I feel powerless against the current. The society and culture I live is suffocating – but it appears to be only suffocating me. Others, appear to be gorging themselves in the material surplus and our gradual decline towards replacing reality with a virtual one.

I hear a few other voices out there preaching words that resonant with me. But their reach seems to reach few; and they too are mocked for being crazy or conspiratorial.
But what if it’s true:
The best kind of marketing is that which you don’t feel is marketing.
The best kind of tyranny is the tyranny that doesn’t feel like tyranny.
It may seem contradictory but what is a tyrant?
One that rules absolutely…sometimes through oppressive means.
But what are oppressive means?
When we think of oppression, we think of physical violence, but can’t you also be psychological oppressed?
It’s weird that we live in an age where information is abundant. But discovering something that you can be confident is true is truly hard, while wisdom seems to be something reserved for those crazy hippies and the Dalai Lama.
I guess I’m just ranting again, but I’m just afraid. I’m afraid that the farther I branch out from the norm or status quo, the more I’ll reject that lifestyle…that may already be happening. I guess, moreover, I’m afraid that when it comes down to it, I reject that way of life – but I presume they would reject mine as well. And they are the majority; and I, the lowly withering minority.
I just don’t want it to wither until it is only my voice and my mind that sees these trends. Because then I’ll surely be labeled as crazy and locked up and the game will be complete:
No free will for any players but complete feelings of autonomy.

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