Life, Evolution and God

Biologists define life by three main characteristics:

First, it must use and obtain energy, while also excreting waste.

Second, it must be animated and either move or change in shape.

Three (and most importantly), Reproduce.

The third is the most important because through reproduction something amazing happens: the organism is provided the ability to change slowly as time passes.

Another word for this slow change is “evolve.”

Evolution is simply a mechanism or process by which life changes into more diverse and unique forms of life.

Personally, I think it is the most beautiful form of God.

I see no discord between evolution and God because evolution is simply a mechanism for change, diversity and further growth; and I have observed it firsthand (on a micro scale).

Each day, I evolve myself as a person; I am no longer the same ‘self’ as I once was and I think most people would agree their current ‘self’ differs from their previous ‘self.’

But recently, there has been evidence to show that I am doing more than that and we all are!

There is something known as Transgenerational epigentic inheritance. What this proposes is that life experiences can switch on or off specific genes and these altered genes can then be passed to our offspring.

It is a revolutionary idea and one that is supported by scientific research: what we do in our lives, and what we expose ourselves to, can not only affect us but also our offspring.


3 thoughts on “Life, Evolution and God

  1. I’m only a generalist on the subject, but I don’t think evolution is a process “by which life changes.” That mechanism would seem to be natural selection as DNA reproduces itself and an occasional mutation may be a happy accident for the organism. Evolution is, so to speak, the long-distance view of such changes as they add up to new species and new features of species. Plenty of room here still for a deity, though, if one believes in one.


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