Applications of Omnibenevolence

Let us revisit the omnipotence paradox. Simply stated it calls into to question the characteristics most often ascribed to the Christian God; that is, omnipotence (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing), omnipresent (all present), and omnibenevolent (all loving).

The idea is that if God is all loving, then evil shouldn’t exist. Evil does exist. Therefore, he is either not powerful enough to stop it (not omnipotent) or allows it to happen and therefore not all loving.

Now, a quick rebuttal is that to have free will one would have to have the option to do evil. If you have free will to do anything, but you can’t kill, or hurt people then that is not truly free.

Some would argue that we are determined and do not have free will, but let us suppose that there is a drop of free will in all of us, and therefore evil is a natural byproduct, which does not affect God’s omnibenevolence.

So, if this is the case and evil exists and God remains all loving, then let us apply this concept to the world.

If God is all loving, then that is totally inclusive of everyone. It means God loves Hitler, Ted Bundy and Osama bin Laden. Moreover, he didn’t just love them after their crimes, he loved them during as well because he is all loving and there is no room in that definition for exceptions.

Now, it is possible that a being which is truly that powerful and loving is so beyond human understanding that it can transcend anything. Also, God being all knowing would obviously know and understand so much of this illusionary life that we live and what the true reality really is.

Regardless, it is a hard concept to wrap your mind and around. My main point of writing this is to not try and harm people’s faith or challenge the existence of God. I solely want to call into question the characteristics we ascribe to God and what they actually mean. Moreover, how these concepts such as all powerful and all loving and being infinite are truly concepts that our human minds really cannot understand and we are speaking about them while viewing them through a pinhole.