The Rose Warrior: A Brief History of Time

It all started with light, or should I say a debate regarding light, darkness and the origins of the universe. War is a result of differences and perpetual war is result of fundamental differences.

They seek to destroy anything that is not them and take from us, while we seek to create and bestow knowledge onto them.

But it is our knowledge that they hate and abhor and could not disagree with any more than they already do. It is at the core of their being.

You see, the Foreigners view darkness as the ultimate canvas from which everything physical manifested; consequently, they live solely by moonlight and rejoice when there is a new moon and are repulsed by the full one.

They believe in order to create, there must first exist darkness. This is in direct opposition to the ideology of us, the Natives: we believe it was light that came first and darkness exists solely as light’s absence; therefore, all creation is a product of light and darkness is a pesky annoyance…so, we live during the daytime. We adore the Sun and the Moon and despise absolute darkness.
Of course, these differences would not have been a problem if they hadn’t found us.  We live on the continent of Mu, while they continent Taya. We each lived in isolation of one another for centuries (or some vast amount of time that truly cannot be quantified or conceptualized).

Truthfully, what does stand out is the first contact. This event marked the divide and split our concept of time in two: the before contact (BC) and the after contract (AC).

Because of how strong our differences were, it did not take long before war was brought to our society and perpetual war is where we remained; that is, until the new era which I currently reside: the age of Rose.