The Rose Warrior: Creation

The primary divide between the Foreigners and the Natives was how they viewed the universe. See, the Foreigners believed it was darkness that allowed for the creation of all the physical universe so there whole civilization lived in a world illuminated by nothing more than a full moon. While the Natives believed it was the sun and light that allowed for creation; therefore, they desired maximum illumination.

It is clear how these two ideals might find it difficult to live in harmony because their differences made for quite opposite world views.

I am the son of the Legendary Warrior, Rose. I am a Native. The story I am telling is one of great significance for my people and the people that came before me.

This is the story of my mother and the valor and courage that she showed in battle against the Foreigners (at least they are to me and my people). I was not alive to see her feats; and even if I had been it would not have mattered. No one did, and no one could ever, see what she actually did, for it was captured by only her consciousness and imprinted on only her energy field. But, my story includes what I know, what she has said, and what has been told to me by the people.

This is a story and a work of art, but it is not fiction. My words, no matter how vivid and description, will always fall short. They pale in comparison to the true events and the true importance of the events that have occurred. It was on that day of the event that my mother changed the course of the history, and the world forever.